A practical leadership development program for young people in the Uniting Church

YouLEAD+ is a practical leadership development program which takes place over 12 months, for young people aged from 18-35 who attend a Uniting Church.

Choose from 1 to 3 flexible, in-person and online components and complete wherever you live in Australia.

Contact Karen in the Pulse team to discuss options that work for you.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert
0429 222 653

What YouLEAD+ Offers

There are three components available as part of the YouLEAD+ program that participants can mix and match.


Maybe you’ve always been a confident, natural leader. Or perhaps you’re taking your first, tentative steps into leadership. Either way, we’ll help you explore who you are as a leader. You’ll learn how to work in teams and develop resilience. And you’ll discover some awesomely useful tools for ministry leadership.

In person retreats and online monthly sessions (do it all together, or you choose which you units to do!) will help you develop your knowledge and skills to be a lifelong disciple of Jesus. You’ll feel confident to share your faith identity and exercise leadership right where you are.

You’ll also have the freedom to explore your passion and see how it can deepen your connection and love of God.


Throwing yourself into faith strengthening, brain-expanding, mind-sharpening learning is one of the most invigorating things you can do in life.

Think. Discuss. Challenge. Transform. We can’t imagine anything better. You’ll deepen your faith, grow as a person and gain confidence as a Christian.

YouLEAD+ offers choices for theological study. Take the subjects that work for you, in the format that works for you. However you do it, you’ll be able to relate what you learn to your context, and create resources you can use down the track.

Choose subjects at United Theological College or join collaborative groups doing the Pulse Deep Dive courses.


Test what you’ve been learning in the real world. Theology and theory are great. But they’re even better when you see how what you’ve learned makes a difference in communities and in people’s lives. You could: serve as a youth worker at your church, do a Uniting Church internship, or volunteer in a service organisation. There are heaps of options. Starting with two hours a week of voluntary work over a full year adds up to significant time spent with real people, in real situations.

And you won’t be left on your own. We’ll help you find a coach or a mentor—or you can choose your own. You’ll check in regularly and figure stuff out together. And you’ll grow with the YouLEAD+ community and network of young leaders.

Contact Karen in the Pulse team to explore what components will work best for you.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert
0429 222 653