Every child deserves a Champion!

I am currently working on some leadership development for Children’s ministry, so I am getting to see a lot of interesting things. One of my favourite most recent discoveries is a TEDtalk from Rita Pierson. Rita is a secular teacher, from a couple of generations of teachers. She has a lovely way about her and […]

What does it mean to be GROWING YOUNG?

If our church is thinking about taking part in the process, what’s involved? The PULSE team are keen to work with and encourage congregations that want to consider how they can transform their culture to help young people find and fall in love with Jesus through their church. The Fuller Youth Institute’s GROWING YOUNG is […]

Why not explore mentoring with young people?

Pulse is passionate about mentoring young people. Are you not sure where to start or how to go about it? In preparation for KCO we have created a short training video to encourage people to explore mentoring young leaders. Faith is something that is caught not taught, a mentoring relationship gives you and your congregation […]

Junior Leadership Initiative – YOULEAD JNR

How can we be YOUNG BIG LEADERS for Jesus in our Church?! PULSE’s Junior Leadership Initiative (aka YouLEAD Jnr) is designed for high school students in their junior years and Primary School Kids in their Senior Years. The program is designed to give opportunities for students to develop leadership, communication and team building skills. As they […]

YouLEAD+ Young Leaders Training Initiative

Pulse is so excited to be launching YouLEAD+ just in time for 2021! If you are a young leader or would like to grow your leadership skills and ministry are from 18 -35, YouLEAD+ could be an option for you! YouLEAD+ is a 1 year leadership development programme that seeks to grow young leaders in […]

SRE Teacher Training!

“There are more and more kids who come from non-Christian homes and the only way they hear about our Lord Jesus and their loving God is through Special Religious Education.” — Judy, SRE teacher As a child of a SRE Teacher and one that went to a public primary school and had relied on SRE, […]

Why are you still a Christian?

This year Pulse started a pilot project about how we grow and support young leaders in the Uniting Church. There are 10 or so young leaders who are in the experiment. During one of our sessions we spent some time with Ian Robinson, the Lecturer in Mission and Evangelism at UTC. He asked the question […]

EmerGen Workers connect to talk about Kids and Trauma

We are going through some pretty crazy times and it can be very traumatic for kids. How do we support them? When do we need to connect them in with counsellors, what can we do in the short term to support them in the moment? David Goodwin, Child Psychologist and founder of Kidsreach spent the […]

New ways to hand over the keys to leadership

Wondering how to engage more young people within the life of your church? The Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) through a significant research project developed the results into the six core competencies displayed by churches that are Growing Young. Churches that engage in the Growing Young program understand that it’s not about changing youth ministry or […]

Uniting Youth Training Illawarra

Illawarra Presbytery is hosting a terrific training weekend for youth leaders. May 18-21 at the beautiful Chittick Lodge in Gerringong. Why not go with your leadership team! Grab the Uniting Youth Flyer