Children in Worship

Do you or your congregation struggle with children in worship? The Whole People of God resource team have a great collection of brochures for congregations as they explore why have children in worship, being with children in worship and a welcome sheet for children in worship. They remind us that faith is caught and not […]

Christian Faith and Entertainment Culture

Recently on Facebook there has been a search for resources for “Movie and Discussions” for young people. Out of this conversation Reel Dialogue was shared as a great tool as it engages film without disengaging faith. The Reel Dialogue is part of City Bible Forum, a site that creates the spaces and opportunities in the […]

It’s Your Move

Transitioning from Primary School to High School is a milestone in every kids life, and can be a scary thing as most first time experiences are. Since 2001, Scripture Union UK has published a book that helps with this transition. It’s Your Move is an awesome resource for kids starting high school, jam packed with […]

Teaching young people a daily way to pray

FYI offer a video guide for prayer during Lent. With 2020 in the rear-view mirror and 2021 at least starting with similar challenges it can be tough for young people to engage in a daily prayer life. Everything just seems so… tough. The awesome team at the Fuller Youth Institute offer this great resource to […]

Why not explore mentoring with young people?

Pulse is passionate about mentoring young people. Are you not sure where to start or how to go about it? In preparation for KCO we have created a short training video to encourage people to explore mentoring young leaders. Faith is something that is caught not taught, a mentoring relationship gives you and your congregation […]

Preparing for LENT

With the first month of 2021 already coming to an end, we transition not only into the beginning school, but also into the beginning of youth group and Lenten season. As we are still in the midst of COVID and consequently the rollercoaster of restrictions, preparing for youth group can still be difficult. In light […]

Back to Youth

With school returning for 2021, Youth groups also begin to gather again! In preparation for another year of gathering in the midst of COVID and the ever changing restrictions, here are some games and activities that can be used for your Youth group. Online: Virtual Scavenger Hunt Play it on a Zoom Call or using […]

Books of the Bible 101

The Bible is a holy scripture rich in wisdom, cultural and religious understanding, moral practices, and a guide to a holistic and good character. It definitely is not always easy reading and comprehending the Bible. Amazing Words provides a resource that makes understanding the Bible a little simpler, Books of the Bible Made Amazingly Simple, […]

Getting Ready for Lent

Lent is the season leading up to Easter – it is 40 days and is often connected into Jesus 40 days in the desert. It is an opportunity to put something aside to draw closer to God. This is an opportunity for the whole church, young and old, to take time and think about how […]

Talking about Race with Teenagers

There is so much that goes on in our world today, and unfortunately not all of it is positive. The reality is that even though we live in such a multicultural society, many people still experience various degrees of racism. It’s not always easy to have conversations around race and racism with peers, co-workers and […]