Jesus is NOT your boyfriend

Or your girlfriend. Don’t look at me like that. A friend of mine linked me to this video and having worked in the Australian Christian music industry I found it both compelling and not at all surprising… American Christendom, thanks to modern American Christian/Gospel music, is in an interesting place. For the longest time artists […]

What’s that app doing?!

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest app that everyone is talking about. Is it safe? Is it spying on me when I’m using it (and when I’m not)? For parents and young people concerned about what apps do what – and believe me, lots of them are doing a lot more […]

Keeping it real online

If you leave it up to the internet to teach your young people then you know what you’re gonna get. The New Zealand government have started up a website to give families and young people tools and strategies to develop ways to ‘keep it real online’. It covers grooming, online bullying and pornography – the […]

Katching up with God, Following Jesus, being part of the family.

Being Part of God’s family means God wants to know what is going on in our lives, all of it! The latest episode of Katchup with God is out, exploring being part of God’s family and prayer. We all communicate in many different ways, talking to God is no different. God doesn’t just want to […]

Rogue Q&A: Young people speak out

When you get left out of the conversation, sometimes it is better to start your own. The National Youth Commission Australia found they were being ignored. The COVID-19 pandemic is on everyone’s minds right now and it’s throwing our lives into chaos and our futures. Young people, in particular, have been hard hit by job […]

Breaking News: Katchup with God is Back!

After a short sabbatical, Katchup with God and Krazy Kaz has returned on a new mission. What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? This week we start where all good journeys start recognising that we are loved by God as we are. Uniquely and beautifully made. Over coming weeks there will be […]

The 23rd Psalm Katchup with God

Just when we get used to how things are, they change again!!! This weeks Katchup with God, is taking some time in the country hanging with our Shepherd. In the midst of change and uncertainty, we can be certain of God journeying with us. We have uploaded, both the 23rd Psalm and the visual prayer […]

Katchup with God on the road to Emmaus!

This weeks lectionary reading is the story of Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Have you ever been in the situation when you were so focus on what you were doing that you didn’t notice what else was going on? This week we meet the disciples so intent and focused on their […]

How are you helping families connect with God and with each other?

Since the beginning of COVID-19 some congregations that have only been interested in transforming worship to go online. It’s time we think seriously about mission and ministry with EmerGens beyond Sunday morning worship. I launched Katchup with God and Krazy Kaz recently to help congregations to connect with those families on the edge of their […]

Explaining spreading germs to our kids!

Troubles explaining to kids, about whats going on with COVID19? Why we need to constantly wash our hands? Then this video is for you! … Actually this video is for your kids! Scratch that, its for everyone! As we all know, we are in times of uncertainty, isolation and told to constantly wash our hands. […]