More like Jesus

Sounds simples, doesn’t it? It can be easy to let our discipleship journey slide as things become more overwhelming or things get busier. Work is demanding. Study is also. There’s family commitments, and you haven’t seen those friends for months thanks to COVID. Also, that trip you planned overseas is now all but a distant […]

Mistakes to avoid in Youth Ministry

It’s not always easy navigating through youth ministry, helping to guide young people on their faith journey and to learn more about God. Ministry to Youth has made a list of 8 common mistakes to avoid in youth ministry, based on feedback from youth leaders around the world. Mistake #1: Emphasising friendship over leadership It […]

The Church vs Culture War (or: why we should stop blaming everything else and start looking at ourselves)

I’m privileged to speak with a lot of youth leaders and ministers who work with young people, and with a whole lot more who are concerned about the lack of young people in their congregation. They all agree that young people seem to be harder and harder to engage with “church”. Well, whaddya know. This […]

Prioritising Children’s Ministry after COVID-19

‘You make a difference one little life at a time’ Psalm 129:8 After months of closed schools and stay-at-home orders, today’s kids feel unprecedented mental and spiritual suffocation. They feel isolated, abandoned, and hopeless. They desperately need the hope and love that is found in Jesus and his people. Children’s ministry is more important now […]

Talking Taboos – Sex

There are a couple of things that as a Church we don’t like to talk to our kids about and sex is often one of them. We know that recently in the news, there needs to be more discussion around issues like consent and expectations around sex. The best way we can support our kids […]

How we talk to Kids matters: Do they hear what we think they hear?

This week at the Gospel Yarning Conference, Stacey Wilson from Intergen, who has been researching the Theological implications of the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to child sexual abuse, came to share what the research had found out about how theological understandings informed and created cultures of which abuse is able to occur. Let that […]

Serving Young Adults

How do we include them in ministry without pigeon-holing them? Many churches have that most vital and mismanaged resources available to them and they’re not really sure how to properly use them. I’m talking about the YOUNG ADULT. Aged roughly 18-30, these people are full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. They’re also full of ideas […]

How we talk to kids matters

When the kids are running around the Church being crazy and having a great time we can think how we talk to them doesn’t really matter, but it does. Those quick unthinking words are like loud speaker to their souls. So what are we saying? A kid I know very closely has ADHD. They can’t […]

A word from a wise 14-year-old

“What do you fear the most… No seriously what do you fear the most? I’m asking this because we all have fears and we all have different ways of facing them. Like with having a fear of heights, you can just look away from the edge; or a fear of spiders, you could kill it […]

Talking about Race with Teenagers

There is so much that goes on in our world today, and unfortunately not all of it is positive. The reality is that even though we live in such a multicultural society, many people still experience various degrees of racism. It’s not always easy to have conversations around race and racism with peers, co-workers and […]