Keeping Sunday School Simple

Keeping Sunday School Simple for EVERYONE! Having used grow ministry before I love that it is part of my resources toolbox. Though some churches have lost a focus on children since COVID, families with children have felt a heightened desire for support from their churches. Many parents have stepped up to bolster their spiritual guidance […]

Prioritising Children’s Ministry after COVID-19

‘You make a difference one little life at a time’ Psalm 129:8 After months of closed schools and stay-at-home orders, today’s kids feel unprecedented mental and spiritual suffocation. They feel isolated, abandoned, and hopeless. They desperately need the hope and love that is found in Jesus and his people. Children’s ministry is more important now […]

Young People, leading the way in Interfaith dialogue

A coalition of young adults from different religions have launched a new charter of principles and commitments for how we live together as people of different faiths. These engagements of dialogue constantly shows Gods love outside my congregations. Young People living in harmony with their different beliefs and traditions. As we journey together we continue […]


If you where meeting Jesus your own place for the weekend, how would it look like?….. March 20th -21st is our annual Kids Camp Out! Your chance to gather in-person and online with the Children and Families of your congregation!   BE CREATIVE AS YOU WANT, AS WE GET READY FOR KIDS CAMP OUT 2021! […]

Parents – get some rest! WE NEED YOU!

As I write my articles on the numerous events that are going on with PULSE, and the wider church, I seriously had to stop for a second and pause. Thinking about, all these upcoming events cannot happen without Parents and carer’s around us, lifting us up, inspiring us as see go though life. We are […]

Junior Leadership Initiative – YOULEAD JNR

How can we be YOUNG BIG LEADERS for Jesus in our Church?! PULSE’s Junior Leadership Initiative (aka YouLEAD Jnr) is designed for high school students in their junior years and Primary School Kids in their Senior Years. The program is designed to give opportunities for students to develop leadership, communication and team building skills. As they […]

KCO2021 – Save the Date!

Write in your Diaries! Set your Reminders! MARCH 20TH -21ST 2021! We got ourselves a Biodome Party going on! 2020 has made us all change and rearrange ways we do our ‘NORMAL’ and that also included our annual KIDS CAMP OUT EVENT! But the Pulse Team are excited to be working on a different yet […]

COVID-Friendly Christmas

Lets Shift our focus from ‘What you can’t do’ and instead focus on ‘What you CAN do!’  An awesome idea, from allows the forgiving space to know that the Christmas for 2020 will be different for many. The bid grand Christmas Sunday School Play or youth secret Santa’s to parties wont be happening or many churches […]

Godly Play Advent

 This is a wonderful way to remind the entire family, and visitors, of the “reason for this Season!”  Sharing the beauty and mystery of Advent through Godly Play with your children is something truly special! As we all create different ways in explaining the Season of Advent leading up to Christmas, we can hands down […]

Illustrated Virtual Christmas

An Illustrated Advent for Families: Do Not Be Afraid RESOURCES | RESOURCES |RESOURCES! Do Not Be Afraid: Virtual Christmas Pageant Illustrated Ministry are ready and set with your resources leading up to the Advent and Christmas season! This is awsome! ready for all your online needs as we find ourselves having to do different […]