More like Jesus

Sounds simples, doesn’t it? It can be easy to let our discipleship journey slide as things become more overwhelming or things get busier. Work is demanding. Study is also. There’s family commitments, and you haven’t seen those friends for months thanks to COVID. Also, that trip you planned overseas is now all but a distant […]

Jesus is NOT your boyfriend

Or your girlfriend. Don’t look at me like that. A friend of mine linked me to this video and having worked in the Australian Christian music industry I found it both compelling and not at all surprising… American Christendom, thanks to modern American Christian/Gospel music, is in an interesting place. For the longest time artists […]

A warm community (fuelled by farts)

(Look, we all do it. Just calm down. Besides it got you reading this, didn’t it?) We’ve all felt it. We can tell when we walk into a church and they get what it means to make it feel warm. It’s not a temperature thing; it’s even more than a vibe. It’s a knowing without […]

The Church vs Culture War (or: why we should stop blaming everything else and start looking at ourselves)

I’m privileged to speak with a lot of youth leaders and ministers who work with young people, and with a whole lot more who are concerned about the lack of young people in their congregation. They all agree that young people seem to be harder and harder to engage with “church”. Well, whaddya know. This […]

What does it mean to be GROWING YOUNG?

If our church is thinking about taking part in the process, what’s involved? The PULSE team are keen to work with and encourage congregations that want to consider how they can transform their culture to help young people find and fall in love with Jesus through their church. The Fuller Youth Institute’s GROWING YOUNG is […]

Teaching young people a daily way to pray

FYI offer a video guide for prayer during Lent. With 2020 in the rear-view mirror and 2021 at least starting with similar challenges it can be tough for young people to engage in a daily prayer life. Everything just seems so… tough. The awesome team at the Fuller Youth Institute offer this great resource to […]

“We are far too comfortable being Christian-ish…”

So what are we going to do about it? Finley Peter Dunne wrote in 1902 that the job of a newspaper is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. It’s a reasonable enough claim to suggest that the call of Christ on us as disciples is the very same. During this continuing COVID-affected time […]

Serving Young Adults

How do we include them in ministry without pigeon-holing them? Many churches have that most vital and mismanaged resources available to them and they’re not really sure how to properly use them. I’m talking about the YOUNG ADULT. Aged roughly 18-30, these people are full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. They’re also full of ideas […]

Young Adults gather across the Synod to ENCOUNTER God | #RY21

We gathered, we ate, we encountered God. View this post on Instagram A post shared by UCAPulse (@ucapulse) RETREAT YOURSELF 2021 (#RY21) has been run and won, and what a glorious success it was! Working in partnership with Uniting Church Tertiary chaplaincy and Christian Students Uniting, PULSE hosted the second annual young adult retreat in […]

ENCOUNTER Instagram Scavenger Hunt | #RY21

Remember to tag @ucapulse and use #RY21 on all your posts so we can find them! Looking forward to seeing how you ENCOUNTER God in your community. Where you are, right now What does it mean to ENCOUNTER God across culture? How you see God in the mundane Less than 1min video of what it […]