Head, Heart, Hands

When only one thing is just not enough.

Last weekend I was invited to share with the Faith@5 crew in the Hunter Presbytery about living our our faith in Jesus Christ and what that looks like from the perspective of ‘knowing’ (or what’s in our head).

It’s a challenging theme, drawn out of Mark 12:28-34 where Jesus is challenged by a Scribe as to the greatest commandment from all of (Old Testament) scripture. When Jesus outlines the dual commandments from Deuteronomy and Leviticus, he was also impressed with the Scribe’s deep understanding and application of what Jesus just spoke about.

I highlighted the importance of ‘knowing’ things, and together we shared things we know (like math skills and how to spell your name). I shared how it is important to know things about God, however it can’t stop there. We need to be connected to God not only with our head, but also our heart and our hands as an outpouring of God’s love at work in us.

Loving God with our head is not enough, just as loving God with our heart or hands in isolation is also not enough. We best respond to God’s love when we love with all our mind, heart, and strength together. This encapsulates what we know, how we feel, and the ways we can be in service of God, allowing us to offer our full selves for God’s mission in this world.

Huge thanks to the Faith@5 community (incorporating Jesmond Park UC, New Lambton UC, and Adamstown UC) for the welcome. It was great to learn about Jesus together, and do creative things in worship, as well as enjoying yummy burgers for dinner afterwards together.

A special thanks to the dedicated leaders of this community for encouraging and providing a space where young people can gather and be themselves authentically while they participate in leading the community through worship, prayer, bible reading, and creative responses to God. These places are so important to our young people and their faith development as disciples of Jesus Christ, and PULSE is excited to encourage these kinds of ministry opportunities were old and young can gather and support young people in their discipleship journey.

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Molk is the Young Adult Ministry Lead and Senior Field Officer (North) within the PULSE team.

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