Lets Plan for Christmas!

And it begins….. Time of Celebration! I will always remember during advent time my scripture teacher in Primary School would intentionally get crafts, books, stensils and bible readings all lined up ready and told the nativity story many times to make sure we remebered and tried to put that hope in our daily lives, as she knew many Children didn’t attend a local Church but all the children understood that Christmas was more then just presents and shopping! Now a leader myself understanding the importance od allowing Children to hear explore the real meaning of Christmas its so crucial to make it creative and interactive for families to keep talking about it for years to come

Christmas is coming soon, now is the time to plan that special activity, craft, or Bible lesson the Children and Families remember the wonderful gift of Jesus! As we plan ahead and discern how we will do Advent and Christmas, here are a some of the most popular resources on our website related to Christmas. You will find a variety of teaching styles represented, so browse them all and find what works best for your ministry. Like all our content you are welcomed to modify them to best fit your needs.

Kids Ministry Circle is a community for kids ministry leaders to be equipped and encouraged to love and serve the local church. This year they collated together so many resources for you and your team, family and Children’s group to explore Advent and the preparation season leading up to Christmas.

Advent Blocks is a tangible, meaningful practice to help kids—and parents—anticipate Jesus, not just presents.

Advent Blocks Resource!

Line Up the Blocks Set all the blocks in line 1—25 day by day throughout Advent, you read a devotion, a story and turn the number block to reveal an image that corresponds with the day’s story. Move the Star Block one step closer to the Earth Block: God is coming to earth to stay. The Big Reveal! On Christmas Eve, turn the blocks one more time to reveal the special message: EMMANUEL, GOD WITH US! A great intentional way for families, groups and individuals to journey together leading up to Christmas.

Unto Us Christmas, has you covered with five Christmas lessons about ordinary people who encountered an extraordinary Savior. Perfect for the four weeks of Advent plus Christmas Eve! Includes incredible custom media from Twelve: Thirty Kids, five Doorpost Songs Christmas songs with lyric videos and hand motions, interactive lessons, awesome activities, ready-made presentation files, and a printable Advent Passport your kids will get stamped every week.

Check them out at https://doorpostsongs.com/resources/unto-us-christmas-curriculum/

Last but not least, if you want to get really creative with crafts and hands on activities for the children, check out Pinterest!

Pinterest is an awesome for all Leaders wanting to get creative with crafts and so much more! Many from around the globe share their ideas, stories and and life hacks on Pinterest to help many that need an extra spark to their works! click below to find more great ideas for Sunday schools, messy churches and family conversations to have a go!

Get Creative! Have Fun and enjoy creating spaces where young people can wonder, discuss and fall in love with the hopeful story of Christmas.

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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