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Author Irene Kraegel is a licensed clinical psychologist who brings her experience as a counselor and her knowledge of the scientific benefits of mindfulness to this collection of devotions. A Mindful Moment is a resource for living in God’s presence that you can trust.

A Mindful Moment is a teen devotional that explores how to let go of negative emotions and restless thoughts and find the still, small voice of God deep within.

This is a great resource for your youth group or students as it can be used as a guide for daily meditation and reflection but allows for flexibility, providing inspiration and God’s peace in any situation.

This devotional focuses on four key categories—physical sensations, negative emotions, compassion to self, and lovingkindness to others.

A Mindful Moment includes:

  • A how-to guide to simple meditation
  • A brief history of Christian meditation practices
  • A simple yet inspirational design that makes is perfect for anyone in need of time with God
  • 150 Scripturally-based devotions which include a Bible verse, a short but significant reflection, and a suggested meditation practice such as cradling the breath, hearing meditation, or letting go of thought, all written especially for teens like you

This resource would be excellent in planning for next years youth program, whether to begin youth group gatherings with, be used as a 6 week series of mindful practices or even to be sent out as a part of a self-care package to your youth.

A Mindful Moment is available at Koorong, The Nile, Dymocks, and on Audiobook.

Get a copy now for your youth group to be used on their journey to self-love, then to a place of love for all as Jesus calls us to love.

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Ofa Foiakau is the Youth/High School Ministry Lead and Field Officer (Central/West) within the PULSE team.

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