The Three Wise Camels

This Christmas, we have some exciting resources to share with your children’s ministries, communities, and families.  

Bible Society Australia and Lost Sheep have teamed up together to bring you A Christmas Story: The Three Wise Camels, designed for children ages 4-8.

You’ve heard about the three wise men, but what about The Three Wise Camels? If you love big telescopes, wise sayings and frankincense then join the camels on their epic Christmas adventure.

Based on the Bible Verse Matthew 2:1–12, Three Wise Camels takes you on the special journey of Christmas through another lens that we may not always think about! If you adore lost sheep resources already this is a great story to add to your resource toolbox! Or if this may be a new one that you come across Check it Out! This can help Children have a glimpse into themes such as Jesus the King, Christmas, gifts, wisdom, celebration, following Jesus, joy, Kingdom of God, never give up, tough times, perseverance, worship and rock climbing!

If you are interested in these books they are available at for leaders that missed out on Hard copies of the Three Wise Camels, Contact the Pulse team! we are more then happy to ship some off to you! Get in quick as we only have a limited amount! However, if you are interested in purchasing these books in-stores, they are available at your nearest Koorong!

These resources are a perfect creative opportunity to share the Christmas story with your communities, whether it is by church outreach, Christmas carol events, as well as to share with family and friends. 

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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