Let’s support our Year 12 students in prayer | #HSCprayers

Join us each weekday during the HSC to pray for our Year 12s.

From Wednesday 12 October, as all Year 12 students head off for their first HSC English exam, the PULSE team will be gathering LIVE on our Facebook page at 7:30am to pray for them all.

We’ll meet every weekday across the exam period, with our final gathering at 7:30am on Friday 4 November.

You can come and pray for Year 12s you know, or simply to pray for all those sitting exams each day. This is one way we can together be in youth ministry and support our young people through some stressful, challenging times.

In gathering together to pray we live out part of God’s mission to uphold each other and intercede for our young people as they navigate this important exam period. PULSE calls the church to pray with us for all Year 12s during this time, especially for God’s blessing to be upon them.

It’s just so very important, and something everyone can participate in.

Come join with us and pray for all our Year 12 students.

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Molk is the Young Adult Ministry Lead and Senior Field Officer (North) within the PULSE team.

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