Celebrating our Dads!

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers, and singers of song.”

As Fathers day is around the corner, my siblings and I already know my dad is excited to get his breakfast in bed he has been getting from my brothers, Sister and I for the last 30+ Years. This Sunday many churches will give thanks for the dad figures we have in our lives that go the extra mile for us.

Here’s are some resources that may Help your celebrate what it means to be a Dad, Father, Papa, Father figure and any person that has stepped into the role of a dad! YOU ROCK!

“A really good Father’s Day could be a day where we remember we all have different ways of viewing this day. All of us. We celebrate each other and our humanity when we recognise that. That doesn’t take away from the wonderful dads, they stay wonderful, we keep celebrating them – it just makes sure nobody is left behind.”

Getting the balance right to honour fathers in church as well as all the men in our church, whether they have children or not, is really important.  As a church we always want to include, not exclude. 





For those that may want to up it a notch! Focus on the Family Australia Organisation, have created a “Dad’s ToolKit”? Filled with Challenges, Conversation Starters, Personality Tests and Resources. A perfect kit to share with every father in your community and you’ll might be surprised what you find out about yourself!

Wishing all the Dads, Fathers, Papas, Father figures and any person that has stepped into the role of a dad a great day of celebration, and May Gods abundant Spirit continue to bless you all!

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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