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The Bible is big. Even a lot of adults would be intimidated by a book that thick and then there is funny coding (chapters and verses), and different sections, with different titles (books) and each section isn’t about the same thing. Some of it is poetry, some laws, some stories. Even Jesus has 4 different books about him and they sometimes don’t even agree!

The teach Sunday School Crew have created a bunch of resources to help make that so much more easier. They are easy to follow, simple picture-graphs that help you get a snap shot of what is going on.

The Bible Blueprints – begin with a quick summary of each of the books of the Bible, letting you know, how many chapters, the author, key themes, where to read about it and a quick summary of each theme.

The Authors of the Bible series explores key writers. – They look at the books written, types of books, probable dates of writing, authors background, unusual places this author wrote and unusual circumstances the author wrote.

The Characters of the Bible is also available, it explores their birth, death, childhood, marital info, claims to fame, famous quotes, Bible Lookups and illustrations for colouring in. Unfortunately there is only 4 characters out of 28 that are women and one of those is Jezebel which does not highlight the brilliance of the other women followers of God! I look forward to the addition of some of these into the future.

As well as information sheets they also do a series on Bible Learning Lookups, helping people find interesting information about the Bible, in the Bible. In this series they have books of the Bible , Bible Families and What is my name?

As if this isn’t enough they have worksheets and a whole gamete of resources and activities for helping everyone become more Bible literate, including bible reading plans. The resources are very reasonably priced and designed for a wide range of Christian traditions. In case you hadn’t guessed I am pretty impressed. It is well worth a look.

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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