Called as an Ecumenical leader?!

Leadership is the calling to bring your best self in service to others as Jesus Christ continuously shows us day in and day out!

As I’ve been told numerous times and it is continuously affirmed with being a panel member of the Seeking common ground assembly circle, invited to rich interfaith and intercultural dialogues, talanoas and such events, Ecumenical and Interfaith relationships are part of the DNA of The Uniting Church in Australia.

The Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI)–2022 are offering training for prospective ecumenical leaders! With the theme of AEI–2022 is God of Hope, Sustain Your Creation in Harmony’

The month-long ecumenical course Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI), designed to train prospective young Asian ecumenists and church leaders, will be held from 19 September to 14 October 2022 on the Payap University campus in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A great time for listening and sharing with many other potential young hearts.

Organised annually by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), the AEI has been providing opportunities for young people across Asia since 2016 to learn about ecumenism and the ecumenical movement.

I have been blessed enough to join Ecumenical discussions, lead dialogue information groups and also represent the UCA in Youth Assemblies ran by the CCA. Where a passion grew to learn and share more in this space of who are we and we are all bonded in one. Dialogues that we share Gods love and stories of our contexts.

The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) aims to provide an ecumenical platform for the youth in Asian churches for leadership development, for addressing their particular needs and ensuring their equal participation in CCA, through various initiatives such as the Asian Ecumenical Youth Assembly, Internships and exchange programs.

The leadership development program will nurture and empower the leadership of youth members and leaders enabling them to be more actively involved in the ecumenical movement. It will provide opportunities for wider exposure to the ecumenical movement and help them to be more meaningfully involved in advocating for issues of social justice across the borders through ecumenical youth networks.


As we have all faced it, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the AEI sessions were held virtually over zoom. However, this year, AEI–2022 will be conducted as an in-person training course at the CCA headquarters in Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Admissions to AEI–2022 will be limited to participants between the ages of 25 and 35. 

Internationally acclaimed ecumenists, theologians, biblical scholars, and social scientists will be the resource persons facilitating the training. 

The deadline for receiving applications is 12 August 2022. Click below for more information.

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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