Hot off the Press – A Gospel for All Ages! Book Launch

“We believe that children matter to the life of the church. We believe that the church can only be the people of God when members—including the youngest—participate in its life, engage in core practices and exercise their gifts as vital members of the body of Christ.”
― David M. Csinos, Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus

David M. Csinos is an author and speaker in the areas of children’s spirituality, culture, and spiritual formation, has written another book that is super new and ready for everyone to grab their copy!

This fresh book, A Gospel for All Ages, has six creative ministry professionals join author David M. Csinos in providing intergenerational best-practice resources. Each chapter includes discussion questions and exercises for future practice.

Whether your passion is intergenerational ministry, Christian education or preaching this book will spur you toward that final frontier of all-age worship as you consider how preaching of the gospel in the worship context can be more engaging for young and old alike.

During the upcoming weeks, author David M. Csinos will be hosting zooms to deep dive into all-age intergenerational all- age worship, and how might that look like in our diverse contexts.

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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