Deep diving into GODLY PLAY!

Godly Play invites the listener to connect faith stories with personal experience through wondering questions and open-ended response.

The re-telling of traditional bible stories, in very creative ways was amazing to learn about! taking time to let children wonder how each story and biblical character connects with their experience and relationship with God as their was a time we engaged into Children’s Spirituality and formation.

As leaders in spaces where we help form spiritual growth for children, deep meaning in these stories using the traditional symbols and language of Christianity while encouraging and engaging natural creativity and thoughtfulness was great to witness, as well as important to understand that children have their own expressions and stories that need to be heard when given the chance to share.

I thoroughly enjoyed how Godly Play was stir up memories, emotions, and deeper questions. Not only does one want to share but others in the circle are more eager to listen to fellow participants and share which also brings resonates to their lives, which I think is pretty amazing!

New Godly Play Story tellers

Godly play is helping in teaching children the fundamentals of the Christian “language” and culture. Knowing the parables, sacred stories, prayers, and traditions helps children to be aware of God’s love and presence at its core.


Over to you! If you have yet to add Godly play into your toolbox of resources! A wonderful method for families, Children, SRE, plus adults! To share the biblical story and learn the practice of sharing one another’s stories as part of God’s Story.

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Joyce Tangi is the Children’s/Family Ministry Lead and Field Officer (South) within the PULSE team.

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