Send a kid to camp…We need YOU!

PULSE is ramping up now for a great season of camps. It began with KCO, in a month we have YouLEAD , our leadership development weekend. Late September we will be running our first High School camp – UYC, the following week we run the HSC Study Camp for those in year 12.

These are available for anyone to attend from any church as a way to support mission and ministry in the Uniting Church. Whether churches can bring a group or they only have 1 or 2 young people, the experience of sharing a Jesus life with people their own age is powerful and life changing.

Now if you think – we don’t have any young people in our Church this is not about us, you are wrong!

Camps cost money and some families can’t afford to send their kids. Leaders are often Uni students on a tight budget. Have you considered sponsoring a kid to go to camp?? Every little bit can help, $60 sends a young leader to YouLEAD, or maybe your church can think big and sponsor 10 young people to go to UYC, it is a mere $3000!!

PULSE works hard to make these events as accessible as possible for everyone but there are limits to what we can offer. We are working with regional and remote Presbyteries for their young people to be part of it, the travel expenses can add significantly to the cost.

If you do have young people in your congregation can you sponsor them to go as a way to encourage them in their discipleship journey?

You might feel like your congregation has nothing left to give to Emerging Gen, but you can leave a legacy that can change a young person’s life…

We now can offer the PULSE Camp Fund, we are looking for contributions to help young people to attend, to help pay for travel or to pay for leaders to attend. Is this something your congregation could be part of?

If you are interested you can either contact us, or just make your donation directly to

PULSE Camp Fund
BSB: 634 634
A/C No: 100 046 230

Every little bit helps!!

Remember you can keep in touch with PULSE by signing up for our monthly newsletter, or for further information contact our team via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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