Safe Ministry Guides for Youth and Children’s Ministry

Trying to navigate Safe Church expectations around Ministry with Emerging Generations can be difficult at times. So many things to think about. The Safe Church Unit of the NSW ACT Synod has just created two guidebooks to make this so much easier. It is designed both for congregations and leaders to help clarify expectations and set up safe foundations for ministry with those in the first third of life.

There are 2 guidebooks one for children ministry and the second for youth ministry. Both guides are well written and easy to read. Every leader should have a copy and have read it at least once (or have it bookmarked for quick access!) If you have a team of leaders why not make some time to go through it together.

The Children’s Ministry Guidebook looks at the role of children ministry leaders, guidelines for children ministry activities, safety including Esafety, photo and video guidelines, offsite and overnight guides and reporting complaints concern and abuse.

Download a copy of the Children Ministry Guide here.

The Youth Ministry Guide covers many of the same issues but also explores the issues around pastoral care and mentoring with young people offering guidance as to safe practice and the things you need to consider.

Download a copy of the Youth Ministry Guide here.

The Safe Church Unit are always available to help and support you with any issues or questions you might have about making sure your ministry is as safe and fruitful as possible.

You can contact them or 02 8267 4351.

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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