Finding a place as a part of intentional Christian community

Looking for a place to live that will help you grow as a follower of Jesus?

Epworth House is a Christian student residence connected to Leichhardt Uniting Church.

It began as an intentional community in 2011 when Leichhardt Uniting saw a need for affordable student housing in inner Sydney and took the opportunity to create a space that nurtures and enables young adults to grow in Christ together.

Part of living in the community of Epworth House requires real participation in the worship and missional life of the congregations of Leichhardt Uniting Church, together with a commitment to share in the welfare and lives of all other residents. It is all about building community and figuring out life together with other people your age, whilst being supported by a vibrant and loving congregation.

Like Leichhardt UC, Epworth House is a safe and affirming place for all community members, and people at all stages of their faith journey are welcome.

It’s a really powerful mission that supports young adults in community, discipleship and just figuring out life in general.

Here’s a vide made by some of Epworth House’s past and present residents, sharing their thoughts on living in this excellent intentional community…

If you or someone you know is moving to Sydney in 2022, you can find out more and apply to Epworth House on their website here.

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Molk is the Young Adult Ministry Lead and Senior Field Officer (North) within the PULSE team.

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