Growing Young Together

Working with Presbyteries to help them transform their congregational culture.

The PULSE team are passionate about working with congregations who want to rethink their model for ministry with emerging generations. We’re particularly stoked to encourage congregations to build a new way using the Growing Young 6 core commitments.

After trialling it successfully, PULSE are proud to engage with Presbyteries in a cohort model that brings together all the congregations in your region for a day-long intensive to start, and then a week-to-week study model worked in with the Sunday services.

The opportunity for congregations to dream together has proven to be successful and offers a warm community environment where bold dreams can be born. Reach out to the PULSE team if you’d like to learn more about the Presbytery cohort model!

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Molk is the Young Adult Ministry Lead and Senior Field Officer (North) within the PULSE team.

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