Discipleship is as discipleship does.

If you’ve been involved in the church for more than 10 years, it’s pretty likely that one or more other Christians took an active interest in your discipleship journey.

It might not have been obvious. They may have prayed for you and simply asked some really good questions at times you weren’t expecting it, or they might have asked you to be involved in something they were participating in and you ended up scoring some responsibility in the process. It also might have been really overt and included one-on-one conversations about your faith journey or even some direct small group bible study that developed and challenged you.

Disciples of Jesus Christ don’t just make themselves – they need nourishing, encouragement, and support from other matured/maturing Christians.

If you’re considering how you can help encourage young people to participate in your congregation you’ll find that actively connecting with them and discipling them as followers of Jesus will make an eternal difference in their lives.

Find the opportunity to pray with them and read the bible with them. Make it a daily part of your faith journey to pray for them and ask God to reveal to you how you can be a part of their faith journey. What can you invite them into? What opportunities are present in your congregation to mentor them? How can you encourage the development of their spiritual gifts as they seek to become more like Jesus?

As we engage in helping others in their discipleship journey, it will lead us to ask some questions of ourselves and our congregational life…

  • Who is God calling us to approach and offer to join on their journey as a disciple?
  • How can we encourage others to take a step of faith in their discipleship journey so that they encourage and disciple others?
  • What are we inviting young people into as disciples?

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Molk is the Young Adult Ministry Lead and Senior Field Officer (North) within the PULSE team.

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