Young adult on-line forum on climate change policy

As Christians we have the responsibility to be stewards of God’s creation. Climate change is something that is happening now. We have the opportunity to act and we should use it.

The ability to vote is both a privilege and a responsibility. In voting we have the opportunity to shape (even in a small way) the values of our nation and the policies of government.

But it can be hard to know what policies to support. Most politicians can be pretty persuasive in speaking about the actions they propose, and that includes policies on climate change. How can we weigh up what the different parties and candidates are saying?

That is what this on-line forum aimed at youth and young adults is about. We’ll start by looking at the reality of climate change and why Christians should be concerned about it. Then we will go through what good climate policy looks like, based on the best scientific evidence on what is happening and what is needed to avoid the most harmful impacts of climate change. The forum aims to give participants a clearer idea of what commitments to look for, and how the policies of those seeking our vote actually stack up against the scientific evidence and our deepest faith convictions. It won’t just be listening. There will be time for discussion and to ask questions of our speakers.

While this event is aimed at youth and young adults connected with the Uniting Church, people of all ages and the wider community are welcome to join us. All of us will be affected by the decisions we do or do not make in the next decade. And all of us bear some responsibility for the world we will leave to future generations.

The Young Adult Climate Policy Forum will take place on Wednesday April 20 from 7.00pm to 8.15 pm. You can register for the forum here.

Young Adult Climate Policy Forum flyer

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Ofa Foiakau is the Youth/High School Ministry Lead and Field Officer (Central/West) within the PULSE team.

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