Jesus is the Reason for the EASTER SEASON!

In this secular world we live in, Jesus is often forgotten in the excitement of Holy days that are more and more commercialised with each year. So How we do encourage young people to become disciples of Christ during the most important time for Christians?

As we celebrating the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. As a Church, how can sustain and inspire young people to keep wanting to learn and grow what it means to be a disciple? How can we walk along our young people as they grow? What ways creatively can we capture the young hearts and tell them the good news of Jesus!   

Reading about the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection in the Bible as a family is another great way to celebrate the Easter. You can also view the season from a more historical perspective and read about how Easter may be celebrated and observed in other countries. What do different cultures and other young people do to celebrate the special season that is Easter? How offer your child a lesson in other belief systems.

With Easter being the important Christian Season, there is an abundance of church services you can attend to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. You could also gather around the computer and join in with virtual Easter church services streamed live. Some churches even have youth-focused services and activities to celebrate the holiday. In my experiences, Easter is a time when we recommit ourselves to God! As Jesus rises on Easter Sunday it is a time where we too can re-commit ourselves to God and his mission on earth. I invite you to spend some time with young people and allow them to grow and ask question on the importance of Easter and what Christ has died for, US!.

There are many resources for FREE that can assist you in inspiring kids and others around how can we devote Easter time to Jesus and the holy time of Easter.

The first time I read the Lost sheep resource, on Easter, it made me emotional. Perhaps it was the pauses use to emphasis the special parts of the story, the questions they it brings our for the children to challenge and answer but most of all what brought emotions on was the fact that the story was told through the eyes of the humble donkey. Makes me wonder, In what ways can we help tell stories from many other perspectives that young people can feel as they retell the story of Easter? Or any story that connects us with God?!

Easter at Home Resources:

Throughout Lent many have taken up the challenge to engage in acts of service, fast from certain foods or do special chores for 40 days to represent Jesus’ journey to the cross. I invite you to take an opportunity to show your children love and caring in action by serving others. Supporting and encouraging others or perhaps even a small act of being there for someone.  You may find that your children get a lot of fulfillment from giving.

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate Easter, the most important part is spending quality time with your family, and respectfully celebrating and honouring what Easter represents.

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