YouLEAD+ | Leadership development for Young Adults no matter where they live

YouLEAD+ is our year long leadership Development programme for Young Adults. It has been specifically designed to support young leaders where ever they live, making sure our young leaders in regional and remote communities are able to access resources as well.

We know that our young leaders are longing for connection, but are also pretty majorly committed in all that they do. As we have journeyed with our young adults in designing YouLEAD+ we have discovered the need for flexibility and adaptability.

The programme now runs over 2 retreats, one in Feb and the other in July and weekly online sessions, which young leaders can join in when they are able or when there are units that interest them. We are still learning as to the best ways to support our young leaders, but have worked hard to make it accessible regardless of where young leaders live in the Synod.

It has been so exciting to see the diversity of the Uniting Church come together and learn from each other. Our young leaders come from different cultural backgrounds and different communities, as they share stories and learn together they encourage and support each other as well. A number of the group from our pilot youLEAD+ 2 years ago still stay in touch and help each other out on occasion.

What we have learnt is the importance of others recognising the gifts in our young leaders and tapping them on the shoulder as an entrance into the programme. Alot of young adults don’t see themselves as leaders. The value of a mentor or an elder highlighting that for them is life changing.

My hope is that we can strengthen and broaden this community and in doing so we learn what ministry is like with Emerging Gen across the Synod and inspire news ways to work together.

Currently the Synod fully funds the programme as a way to grow our young leaders and for those travelling from regional presbyteries, a number of presbyteries and scholarships are able to help with travel expenses. If you would like more info contact Karen Mitchell – Lambert at the Pulse team

Our weekly sessions begin on Tuesday 15th March running 7pm – 9pm on zoom. The first 4 weeks will be looking at Discipleship. Reach out and register.

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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