WE WANT YOU for a new Young Adult-led community gathering

A new opportunity for young adults to share their gifts with each other.

In 2022, the PULSE team are looking to facilitate new ways for young people to grow their ministry gifts and challenge them to use them to hear God at work in their lives and the world around them.

Once a quarter we’ll be pulling together a team of young adults to put together a gathering for young adults, led by young adults. It will provide young adult leaders a chance to flex their ministry muscles in planning the event, pulling it together, and working together to deliver a gathering where they and their peers will feel welcome to worship, grow, listen, and be in community together. A place where young adults can express their joys and fears, and a place where we can pray for each other. A place without judgement where all are welcome.

For Christian community to flourish the PULSE team understand how important it is to be in the same room at the same time. Through these events we’re aiming to not just offering growth in the development of ministry opportunities; we’re also seeking to encourage our cohort of young adults to lead by example in sharing what God is doing in their lives and be encouraged by the life-changing difference the Gospel makes as we grow, learn, and worship together.

We’re really excited by what we believe is a new thing God is birthing in these gatherings, reflecting with authenticity who we are and where we are at in our journey as disciples of Jesus.

Three things you can do to support this new ministry:

  1. Pray for the planning team, and pray for the gathering. This is an intentional time for our young adults to listen to God and lead each other with generosity, grace, and love. All young adults in/around the church are welcome to participate in these gatherings. Pray that the diversity of gifts and creativity brings new ideas and a safe space for our young adults to express themselves. Pray that above all things, God is honoured and God’s Spirit challenges us to be more like Jesus.
  2. If you’re a young adult and interested in being a part of putting together this first event, please reach out. Our first planning meeting is in February, and here’s your ground floor opportunity to help birth a new thing within our movement. If you have a creative idea or gift you’d like to share it would be great to include you in this gathering – live performance, visual art, singing/playing music, graphic arts, music…whatever it is that you do that makes God sing in your heart we’d love to encourage you to share it with us all. Be bold!
  3. Block out the afternoon/evening of SATURDAY 9 APRIL 2022 in your diary. That’s when we’re holding the first event, and we’d love young adults from across Sydney (and the Synod) to come and join us in whatever this glorious, creative, collaborative community might be. All young adults are welcome.
  4. There is no fourth thing.

These gatherings are built by young adults, for young adults.

With open hands and hearts let us together explore what it means for all of us to be in community as we hear the voice of God through the gifts God has given us. Let’s start a new thing together.

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Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North) and Young Adult ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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