Climate Conversation Training!

There is growing community momentum for our governments to act on climate and we are making a difference! People of faith, who have a mandate to care for creation, have something important to add to that momentum and the public policies that result.

Across the Synod several small groups of Uniting Church members are starting to plan a climate conversation meeting with their local Federal MP. Motivated by their faith and care for creation, these members want to share why action on climate change matters to them and what they want to see our Federal leaders doing about it.

Uniting Earth Climate Action Network (UCAN) are holding a 4-part training series on Climate Conversations with Your Member of Parliament (MP) Discussing Climate. Although the first session kicked off on October 26, it isn’t too late to join! For those who are interested, you can still register here to be part of this training!

Week 1: MP Meetings 101 – Arranging and planning for a successful climate conversation meeting.

Week 2: Discussing Climate – How to have value- based conversation and increase motivation for action on climate.

Week 3: Involving OthersEngaging others in climate action for MP meetings and beyond

Week 4: Bumps in the Road – Planning for and handling potential issues and objections for MP meetings and future climate action.

UCAN aims to cover not only how to have impactful climate conversations, but also to develop the skills and knowledge that will support ongoing climate action.

It is important your local MP knows the concerns of the community they represent. This workshop will be covering the “how to” on arranging and holding climate conversation meetings with your MP. These conversations will also connect to the broader process of organizing and building connections in congregations and communities.

Over four short 1 hour sessions, climate conversations will be looked at through the lenses of position and interests, the organising cycle and involving and supporting others!

You don’t have to be an expert on climate change or energy to join the conversation. You simply have to care about the issue of climate change and be willing to say why you care.

Remember to REGISTER HERE and don’t miss anymore of this great opportunity!

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Climate Conversations initiative, contact Jon O’Brien

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Ofa Foiakau is the Field Officer (Central/West) and Youth/High School ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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