Dear leader and those with a heart for younger ones

We see you.

We see the heart you have for young people, children and their families. We know how you have tried to love them and support them through recent months. We know how hard it has been with the changing rules and uncertainty.

Thank you for knowing, seeing and loving those younger ones in our Church. We know at times the rest of the Church doesn’t. Lets learn together moving forward about how to do this better. How to help our children and young people to find their voice and to help our church learn how to listen and hear well.

So many people are sooo weary. For some of us freedom, for the moment, has arrived. As we start to think about Advent, for some, they are enthusiastic for a lot! For others there is a need for a break. Be kind to yourself and each other.

There are some things to remember; we are here for the long run, don’t burn yourself out on the sprint thinking you have to just jump straight back into life and ministry like it was before. It is ok to use resources you may have used before.

Ritual is a helpful way for a community to have a sense of connection and belonging, remembering together who we were and whose we are, going forward.

This is what is key: us being connected. The Church, God’s people together. Remember that as you think about what is next.

Your best, however small it may feel, is enough. You are called to be the beloved of God first and remind others of their belovedness to God as well. It doesn’t have to be flashy or dramatic, it just needs to be genuine and loving..

Our communities are tired and grieving too. As a church, as you kindly love each other back into gathered community, remember that there are others who are not blessed with the gift of God’s people. How can we have open doors, open hands and open hearts to those who may have realised that they too are looking for a place to belong? How do we take our light into the world not as a task or activity that is demanded of us, but as a genuine reflection of being God’s and loving all that is God’s?

Again, thank you for your love and your work. May you notice during this advent time God’s amazing moment of hope, love, peace and joy. We look forward to all the great things God will be doing with us all, going forward.

You are not alone.

Karen (and the PULSE team).

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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