Dreaming for the future

What could it be next week, even?

With the pandemic cruelling the past couple of years it can be easy to understand why it can be difficult to think of what comes next.

In the Before Times™, we would regularly plan events where we would gather unhindered and think about the logistics of feeding everyone, and planned activities where we might have played sport or exercised together and generally had a good time.

Dare we even plan as much for the upcoming Time After™?

We gotta dream. We gotta think about how we as God’s people can be the best we can be, engaging with our communities and caring for them. Serving them in a way that overwhelms them with practical and emotional love.

What are your dreams for your church for the coming year?

Are you keen to rush back to meeting the way you were, sitting in rows and singing the same songs, church all done by 7:30pm so you can go to Maccas with your mates for dinner? Are you looking for a new opportunity that your church family can provide so you can invite your friends along and they won’t be weirded out by it? What about a new way of church that provides space for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus and test what God might be calling you to do?

There was lots of talk about 2021 being better than ‘last year’ as we thought the pandemic was behind us. Things change. We, God’s church, can change (we had to change!). Have you had the chance to speak with your minister or church council and tell them what you’d like from church as you start to plan to come back together? Do it! They’d love to hear from you.

What’s your dream? What do you want to see your church become?


I dream of a church that prioritises ministry with young people so highly it pours everything it has – money, resources, time, training, priority – into making that a reality.

A church that encourages everyone to engage in God’s mission no matter how old they are, and helps them develop skills that make their congregations warm, welcoming, empathetic places for young people.

A church that takes Jesus’s message so seriously it focuses on growing disciples, not leaders.

A church that intentionally trains ministry agents for team ministry, and seeks to develop ministry teams that specialise in ministry with young people (particularly young adults).

A church that regularly flexes its good neighbour skills by generously welcoming and including the foolish and broken, cherishing the outcast and isolated, and loving those that think they are unlovable.

Me? I dream of a church that would let even me serve the people of God, all to grow God’s kingdom.

What about you?

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Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North) and Young Adult ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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