Reminder to support our HSC Students

2021, gloriously following in the footsteps of 2020, has not been an easy year for anyone, let alone our year 12 students.

This years graduating class have not just had their last year disrupted, but both senior years of high school have been spent in and out of lockdown during this pandemic. They have missed out on so many traditional milestones; formal dances, graduation ceremonies, grueling study sessions in the library or out in the court yard, the list goes on.

With their final High School Certificate exams approaching (after being delayed due to COVID), the PULSE team would like to encourage congregations, again, to support our senior high school students as they enter into this vital period of time.

Here are some reminders of a number of ways you and your congregation can get directly involved:

1)      PRAY every day for the Year 12s in your congregation and within your community. Pray for peace amidst chaos and confusion; pray for clarity of mind and quick retention of important information; and pray for a calming of their nerves and anxieties.

2)      REMIND them they are not defined by their results – that their value is much more than how well they do in their exams, however that their close attention to these exams will assist them as they make choices about university and beyond.

3)      BLESS your Year 12s with a hamper of goodies to help get them through this exam period. Your hamper might include some lollies, energy drink, bottled water, chips, nut/trail mix, as well as personal notes of support from members of your congregation. Aim to put these together and deliver them the day before the HSC exams start. (Alternatively, connect with your local high school principal and see if there’s an opportunity to work together with the school to support students – perhaps a breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs on the bbq or something. Be creative!)

Showing our HSC students support goes a long way, especially now. So do what you can to continue to love and care for the young people of our church and community.

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Ofa Foiakau is the Field Officer (Central/West) and Youth/High School ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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