Ministry in Minecraft!

Lock It In! For Leaders in ministry with children who adore Minecraft! Here’s a session you don’t want to miss out on. The popular kids game; Minecraft, has held its place amongst children as one of their favourite online games for some time now.

Minecraft is a massive multi player online game (MMO), which means that players enter an online world where they play the game at the same time with millions of other players from around the real world. They can interact with each other using an unmoderated chat feature and even upload their own content to create new worlds within the game where they invite others to play.

Over the past 18 months Rev. Sandy Brodine has been exploring creative ways of engaging her community with-in Minecraft. Drawing on this experience, in this FREE event Sandy will particularly focus on…

– Prayer possibilities

– Building Bible stories

– Engaging intergenerationally

…with-in the Minecraft context.

Whether you’re familiar with Minecraft or not, this promises to be a fascinating evening for all! Click on the LINK below to secure a virtual seat on how we integrate both children’s ministry and gaming together!

Ministry in Minecraft Tickets, Wed 20/10/2021 at 7:00 pm | Eventbrite

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South) and Children’s/Family ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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