New Direction for the PULSE team

Nearly 3 years ago we travelled the Synod to listen to what was needed by our Church to help Emerging Generations or the First Third of life to thrive in our congregations. Our priority was to network people locally to see mission and ministry thrive. In recent months we have been evaluating how we work and have made some changes to grow on what has happened so far.

The key changes will be that our networks will now be organised across the whole Synod in areas of interest and ministry practice rather than on a local level. The networks will be organised quarterly, and those groups will offer leadership, will network and support each other to grow ministry with Emerging Gens / First Third throughout our congregations..

Anyone can join our networks, whether you are a volunteer, someone exploring ministry in this area or a paid worker in this area.

There are 3 main networks you might consider joining:

Children and Families Ministry, which Joyce Tangi will be our leader for. This will include but is not limited to Sunday schools, kid’s club, Messy Church, Godly Play, scripture, chaplaincy, and intergenerational ministry styles. Contact Joyce at

Youth Ministry, which Ofa Fouakou will lead. This will include youth groups, youth outreach, scripture, chaplaincy, and possible intergenerational ministry as well. Contact Ofa at

Young Adults Ministry, which Molk will take leadership in. This will include young adult groups, congregations, church plants, and University chaplaincy. Contact him at

Our hope in doing this, is for a wider audience to hear the great gifts and skills we have across our church, to be inspired to collaborate for mission and ministry and provide an easy access point for Emerging Gen Leaders to engage with others who are passionate about the same kinds of ministry.

As the PULSE team we believe God has created a diverse world and a diverse Church which we will support through a wide variety of ministry and styles together, learning to see the best in everything that is God given us.

As a result of this change the team will not be as accessible to support local congregations as before; however our intention is we can support that work through the networks together. Where we are already working within Presbytery networks this will continue…our passion to help congregations and Presbyteries to transform their culture by Growing Young also remains a priority.

We are looking forward to trialing this new way of journeying together with you. Stay tuned for your first network catch-up coming soon, or reach out to the ministry lead to make sure that you are included in our database.

Remember you can keep in touch with PULSE by signing up for our monthly newsletter, or for further information contact our team via email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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