Empowering and Inspiring our Children with stories!


To help children escape this crazy world, and transport them into fun and adventure packed books is one of many spaces where Children’s thoughts become adventurous and ask more questions in developing their thoughts and minds.

We know our children and young people have a deep heart of care for the world, the church and for God. Our children are disciples today and we need to ensure we listen to them, their prayers, hopes and concerns and we need to be willing to learn from them now. Children can show us adults God’s ways and grow us as disciples too as we live and learn, share and serve together in Christian community.

Our Church provides numerous stories to help display lectionary readings, themes, sermons and so much more! There is so much education that can be found in books we hear and listen too! We hope to fill our newsletter with many books we will review and help promote out to leaders and parents that engage with Children!


FREE Books of the Bible Children’s Ministry Resources (childrens-ministry-deals.com)

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We invite you to tag us, share you story in reading with your children, share a photo, record a simple sharing of your child of how they felt reading the bible story or Christian book. we would love to engage and share how we can deepen our imagination and wanting to follow Christ with books and bible stories.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South) and Children’s/Family ministry lead as a part of the PULSE team.

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