Book Club opportunity – 3 BIG QUESTIONS

Grab the book and grab a cuppa and come along and join us!

For those that have read GROWING YOUNG by the team at the Fuller Youth Institute, you’ll know it unpacks a solid chunk of research and develops it into a great set of commitments your church can work on to help it be more welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of the young people in your community.

Two of the key team from that research project have written a new book – 3 BIG QUESTIONS That Change Every Teenager – leaning into the critical understanding that decisions around identity, belonging, and purpose are vital to how a young person sees themselves and where and how they fit into the world. It’s just been released and is available right now in hardback, and from 14 September in softcover.

Looking to leverage our ease of ability to meet online the PULSE team will be hosting a book club for those that would like to read the book and join a lively discussion with others who are in ministry with young people. If you’re interested, you’re welcome!

We’ll be running two identical sessions during the week, starting in late September – Monday night 7:30pm or Thursday morning 10:30am – to provide an option for everyone to participate. All you need to do is order the book and RSVP to us advising which session you’ll be attending. We’re trying to keep the numbers for each session low; more sessions will be added if more are interested. You do not need to attend both sessions.

We’re confident that our time together will be a great chance to consider the content of this great new book and discuss how we can apply it in each of our ministry contexts.

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Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and Young Adult ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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