In the season of Creation! We affirm ourselves as Gods Stewarts of the land and take personal responsibility contributing to creating a safer climate.

Children have made it known that Climate change and Gods earth is important to then with joining school strikes as well as listening to stories of young leaders across the world sharing their experiences of Climate change.   

The church has long taught that we are to be good stewards or caretakers of what God has given, and must continue to do so. But the challenge goes deeper than this. Many of the problems associated with climate change have arisen because of how we human beings have misused that which God has created for the benefit of all creatures. Yet, climate change is more than just a secular environmental issue; it is an urgent challenge that goes to the core of our faith and spirituality and how this is reflected in the ways we view the world and in what we do. Climate change is moving us to reconsider and revise what we have previously assumed or believed.

Showing others that this is what you are doing in terms of doing our part for the earth is essential. In my case especially with children ministry but also as a Pacific Islander and our islands back home.

Teaching creative ways to recycle, reuse, and learn with these fun activities for everyone who want to save the earth. Trying to live susinably is the biggest yet most satifying life as we challenge ourselves daily to think about what we are really doing to our earth! Last year my cousin and I joined many young people of our Synod in the Climate fest where we show ways we can help tell stories of climate change and pay homage back to the islands!

Pulse has a Pinterest Page filled with activities and crafts for young people to engage and create their own stories of creation!! These ideas are fun for elementary kids, tweens, and their families.

The church bears witness to the new creation, as a communion, as the body of Christ in the world that God has created and will bring to fulfilment. Living out of this present and future reality, We as Christians should be at the forefront of restoring the effects and changes of climate change!    

We are challenged to see new possibilities for reconciliation and restoration within creation, in ways that will benefit all rather than just a few. The reality of God’s love is lived out as we pursue greater justice for all.

Share us a glimpse of your story or your what community is doing with activities embracing the season of creation and events and we can share on our social sites during the month of September!

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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