How you doing, Kid?!

We on Lockdown for another week?! …

You and your families probably already have positive ways of dealing with rough and troubling times, but during this isolation extended period, its important to remind each other we in this TOGETHER! especially those in younger years.

Please know, we acknowledge all the hard work parents and caregivers during this challenging time and we hope, Gods grace and love continues to sustain and give you strength. We hope that these resources can offer some tips in being surrounded with the young ones.

It has been tough especially during numerous extended lockdowns and many rules set in place to keep us safe, but throughout this many children could be facing anxiety, changes in their lives, being angry or upset for being without realising it. Dealing with mental health with kids is so real and predominate in our realities.

“Family and friends supporting me made all the difference.” – Caitlin (15).

Being more aware of your young people and making sure they are are okay and loved is key in supporting each other. Value them and be sure to have fun daily! Celebrate the little wins and make sure you adults take time out for yourselves as well! Bringing a sense of Joy and Hope continues to do wonder for families and communities!

Many organisations have committed to helping children and families with mental health and support. ‘Emerging Minds’ organisation, has been dedicated to advancing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Australian infants, children, adolescents and their families. As well as full of resources and tips on providing help for children and families and many more!


We encourage your learning community as well as families to look out for each other and do simple things that make each other’s day easier or happier. Promote kindnesses in communication with families, which can instill a culture of hope. Know that no one is alone in this.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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