KIDSLIFE is back!

This lockdown 2.0 has meant back to worship online and staying safe at home.

I guess its safe to say, we are into for the long run! But in all that our friends at Terrigal Uniting Church are back with interactive KIDSLIFE to help develop relationships with God!

KidsLife is a fun TV program by Terrigal Uniting Church, which helps kids engage with God in an online space. It’s aimed at preschool and early primary and includes stories, craft, music, puppets, animals and more! Emma and Craig Hunter have delivered another brand new episodes of KIDSLIFE! A great online resource for your small people stuck in lockdown.

This is my favourite episode to date! Jesus is Home & they are making Banana milkshakes all round, but is there a noise coming from the roof? Check out our new episode of KIDSLIFE to find out the rest of the story!

These videos are awsome through this time of lockdown and trying to allow some more downtime with children to learn more about God and the stories of the bible!

With the use of puppets in conversations, simple crafts and making delicious food, these 30min videos are helpful in allowing the recording to interacate with the children! I would say it would be great for parents to watch videos before hand, get materials ready and have the children carft, make and discover along side the clips!

Thanks Terrigal UC! awsome resource for our church!

We the Pulse team would love to share stories, videos and resources that could inspire leaders and parents to bring children closer to God through this time! send us an email, or contact the pulse team!

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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