L2g Conference

Come get your training on!

This is a call out to all Inspiring leaders serving both paid and voluntary leaders-of-leaders of church and school-based children and families ministries to join for a one day retreat!

a space to equip and empower leadership in Childrens and Family Ministry.

As we celebrate Leadership with Pulse this month, would live to invite you all to LEADERS2GO CONFERENCE!

L2g Conference provides an open learning development space created to enrich, empower and equip leaders with impact in ministry with children and families…..But TBH it is much more than just a conference….

An Australian biennial children and family ministry leadership event, celebrating and investing in children and families ministry.

Saturday 11th of September you will get a chance to hear from an expert Speaker, be engaged with conversations; build on your relationships and networks, but also have a time to gain more resources and insight. In my own experience of Leaders to go, this is definitely an opportunity to connect with other UC “allies”, but also to reflect further on what it might mean for us in our specific UC context. Ask questions! Challenge ourselves and eqip ourselves with more knowledge as we with little minds.  


What to Expect

  • An amazing keynote speaker Susy Lee, to inspire and refresh you. This time will include a discussion space with leaders from across Australia and New Zealand to explore content together plus a live Q & A time with our keynote
  • A mini-marketplace of resources and ministry strategies
  • Plus the chance to informally connect with fellow-leaders, renew friendships, network, laugh and pray together

Check out their website for more information!!!

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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