Launch of PULSE Discipleship Project

Finally, we are able to release the much anticipated Discipleship Project. An introductory resource for families and congregations of primary aged children in growing as followers of Jesus. Coming to you from the Pulse team and their friends!

Our first round is 10 sessions exploring an introduction to the Christian faith. We introduce the Discipleship Project, then have 3 sessions on Who is God, 3 sessions on Who is Jesus and 3 sessions on Who is the Holy Spirit.

For each session, there is a leader sheet and a kids worksheet. The themes and reflections could be used as a starting point for Preschooler activities and discussion starters for high schoolers particularly if you matched it with the Bible Project videos.

In the leader’s sheet, there is an introduction to the reading, a quick note for parents, a note for congregations, ideas on how you could explore the theme with the whole congregation, the heart of the story – all age chat suggestions, and activity ideas you could do with the theme.

In the kid’s worksheet, we have the bible reading, a getting ready activity, a short reflection on the theme, prayers of thanks and confession, a couple of puzzles for the kids and ideas around spiritual practices, telling others, connecting with others, blessing and being blessed.

The idea of these sheets is that it is more than just an activity you do in church, kids club or Sunday school. It gives families and congregations tangible ways to talk to each other about faith, deepening the connections between kids and adults to help strengthen and grow their faith.

This project is an experiment to resource families and congregations. It came out of our mailing sheets we were sending out during Covid. There was so much support and enthusiasm for it as well as requests to continue. So we thought we would continue the experiment and see if we are able to support congregations further.

The content has been created this round by a number of our Uniting Church School Chaplains. A special thanks goes to Rev Punam Bent, Rev Lorenzo Rodríguez Torres, Rev Jon Humphries, and Rev Vanessa Williams-Henke. We have also been blessed by the amazing work of Wez and Lauren Champion and our amazingly brilliant intern Manitela Tali (or Della to us!).

We are hoping to do 3 more rounds to complete a series as an introduction to Christianity for kids. We pray that you will find these resources a blessing to your community, we would love to know how you use them!

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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