Proclaiming our faith through interfaith dialogues

“Each person is a masterpiece. But an unfinished masterpiece. The good news is that authentic dialogue with “the other” enables us to go to finishing school. And this is how God completes the masterpiece.” Carole Hampton

Interfaith dialogue provides the glue that nourishes and keeps our society together. As we navigate our diversity, we must learn not to drown or suffocate each other, but instead to swim alongside each other. Throughout the last few weeks, its has been such a blessing to witness more young adults and high schoolers embrace diversity and explore what it means to love our fellow neighbor.

 Interfaith work allows us to deepen our own faith by learning about other faiths.

In the Islamic Religion, Ramadan plays an important , the During the holy month of Ramadan, which occurs on the ninth month of the lunar-based Islamic calendar, all Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk for 30 days. One way the Uniting Church continues their relationship with the Muslim community is by hosting an Iftar dinner together with the Muslim community to break bread and pray when the sunsets.

Over two different sites hosted by Uniting & Eastwood Uniting many gathered over zoom but more importantly the want and desire to listen to stories and seek understanding on common ground. As we heard inspring stories of how young leaders are not only making differences in their communities but allowing their faith to encourage support and love to their fellow neighbours.

Latu Suli of Oatley Secondary College bringing insight over the sites on how her faith inspired her to get a prayer room for her Muslim friends to pray.

“[In dialogue,] differences are not to be removed but are to serve as mutual enrichment…Dialogue should thus be a
dialectical engagement rather than a path to convergence. While some differences may be reconciled…the goal is not to create a hybrid of the future.”
Dr. Paul Mojzes

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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