May 21

The kids are at it again, ready to organise another strike calling on the Government to take the future seriously and treat climate change as what it is: a crisis.

After the recent heavy rainfall that led to parts of NSW and QLD to experience emergency flooding, the School Strike for Climate (SS4C) stands with everyone who has been impacted, especially those who have lost their homes, livelihoods, who have been evacuated or stranded, and those who continue to watch the rising waters in anxiety.

The Morrison Government could be protecting our climate, land and water, and creating thousands of new jobs by growing Australia’s renewable energy sector and backing First Nations solutions to protect Country.

Instead, they are lining the pockets of multinational gas companies, which are fuelling the climate crisis, devastating our land and water, wrecking our health and creating very few jobs. 


This May brings the next strike, so keep an eye out for any actions happening in your local area or organise one yourself with the help of this guide.

Keep fighting the good fight, for our kids, for our future, for God’s creation.

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Ofa Foiakau is the Field Officer (Central/West), and Youth/High School ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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