“Huge Blessings come in small packages!”

Making moments and memories with your Children, will make in impact in their lives!

The Annual Kids Camp Out in 2021, was shifted, shaken and stirred from the normality’s that it would usually have run on. This years Kooka Camp, was taken back to congregations and leaders to lead KCO in their places, to engage with their youngsters. As the theme this year, was ‘KCO at your place’ we asked the question, ‘How would KCO look like in your own context? How do we build homes for Jesus. The responses back were incredible!

As the Virus continued to remind us we where not aloud to gather as a whole body. Throughout the Synod, many young communities of play groups and Sunday schools gathered in church halls, got together in families homes and even engaged online.

This weekend definatley put an emphasis, that the youngsters of our church are valued and loved! Many volunteers came out supported the young people and their leaders. With Leading the Sessions, many helping with food preparations and just being there to be supports and handy parents, it was definatley humbling to see a whole church act in gathering for the children. At Auburn UC, many grandparents came out to support for children but helping them put up and pack down their tents but also be there as the children loved answering questions about their crafts they created.

All done and well done. Thank God for all we had during the camp in the church. Thanks to all the ministers who took time to join KCO in their communities. Parents, caregivers as well as supporters for the children showing support and trust, praying for us and letting us grow faith in a different place makes a different and stays with the children. Jesus, the Cornerstone will forever hold our life and faith journey at our place.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and Children’s/Family ministry leader as a part of the PULSE team.

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