Children in Worship

Do you or your congregation struggle with children in worship?

The Whole People of God resource team have a great collection of brochures for congregations as they explore why have children in worship, being with children in worship and a welcome sheet for children in worship.

They remind us that faith is caught and not taught, that being a valued part of the community is an important aspect of catching that faith but to do that children need to be respected and appreciated for who they are. They need to be engaged with around what is happening in the service for it to make sense to them.

Having children as a part of the worshipping community deepens the experience of community for everyone. Children are often able to share in ministry from a place that values their natural innocence in a way that adults often can’t. Their innocent questions and generous actions reach out across generations showing us the love of God in real and tangible ways.

The brochures might not be your cup of tea but it might inspire you to create your own or at least be a template for conversations in congregations about engaging in ministry and mission with children and families.

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being_with_children_in_worship.pdf (

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Karen Mitchell-Lambert is ordained in the ministry of Deacon and is the team leader of PULSE.

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