Prioritising Children’s Ministry after COVID-19

‘You make a difference one little life at a time’ Psalm 129:8

After months of closed schools and stay-at-home orders, today’s kids feel unprecedented mental and spiritual suffocation. They feel isolated, abandoned, and hopeless. They desperately need the hope and love that is found in Jesus and his people.

Children’s ministry is more important now than ever. Though we hear a lot about our senior citizens right now, our children are silently suffering in ways we did not imagine a couple of years ago.

Pulse’s Kids Camp out is an awesome way for Young Children to get together with their friends and learn as well as get excited about Gods Love! Yes as we acknowledge that it is different this year and engagement might not be the same, its being intentional with how we can engage the young people in questions, activities and creative thinking.

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The COVID quarantine mentality has elevated the desire and need for human interaction, fellowship, and participation. Passively sitting and watching others has lost its patina. And wedging into a crowd to passively watch the person at the microphone has really lost favour during these contagious times. Plus, kids today want to be noticed, named, and known, according to research.

If you’re primarily a spectator show, expect steady decline. Churches and children’s ministries that rely on stage performances will weaken. Hands-on, participatory experiences will reign, along with breaking crowds into smaller relational groups.

Even children’s ministries that continue to offer online sessions will need to incorporate active, participatory, relational, hands-on elements.

Let’s all get excited and eager in this new normal to prioritise our young people! Bring warmth into their hearts as they retell their own stories of how you help them with their walk with Christ.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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