Young People, leading the way in Interfaith dialogue

A coalition of young adults from different religions have launched a new charter of principles and commitments for how we live together as people of different faiths.

These engagements of dialogue constantly shows Gods love outside my congregations. Young People living in harmony with their different beliefs and traditions. As we journey together we continue to ask how are our experiences of engaging with people from different religions and their hopes for a harmonious city.

Youth PoWR Committee members from different religions presented the Statement’s values, principles and commitments for “building bridges between believers from different religions”. They called young adults aged 18-35 from different religions to vote for The Sydney Statement and to authorise its publication.

This month will see a media launch on the Sydney Statement and a wonderful example of young people from different religions uniting to encourage greater interfaith dialogue in Sydney and beyond. Within the Youth PoWR Committee members we have share stories, contributed to writing papers as well as host consultations all across to show the importance of hearing from young people in different races and communities.

Seeking Common Ground Advocate Rev Dr Amelia Koh Butler was on the steering committee for the Statement during her time as Parramatta Mission’s Multifaith Chaplain to Western Sydney University.

She describes the statement as “a visionary compilation and distillation of the vision for a peaceful and just society that young adults in Sydney share”.

“Working together, young adults of different faith traditions brought their faith and religious experiences and understandings, talking about why they felt different aspects of community life and development were important,” said Amelia.

“It gave them an opportunity to witness to the importance of religious belief and spirituality in their lives.”

Both Joyce and Amelia co wrote the article below for the Assembly, Seeking common ground circle website on the importance of interfaith dialogue and the Sydney Statement.

Read The Sydney Statement! written by youth people for everyone! Don’t miss out on this chance to transform interfaith relations in Sydney and beyond.

 Lets desire to encourage greater education of different religions to help people better understand religious differences, while also harnessing similarities to establish common ground.

If you are interested in Interfaith or Ecumenical relations please contact us for more information!

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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