If you where meeting Jesus your own place for the weekend, how would it look like?….. March 20th -21st is our annual Kids Camp Out! Your chance to gather in-person and online with the Children and Families of your congregation!  


Covid has changed our new normal, so we are still working our way through the effects of the Coronavirus and how it affects how we gather. It’s IS tough! Many more rules and procedures in place but know we are all in this together! PULSE team have been working, hoping for children and their families to enjoy a weekend of creating their own place for Jesus. Not entirely the same as Camping out at Wedderburn but will be just as FUN!

With the resource for the weekend provided by the PULSE team, we are excited to have created and put together a hybrid opportunity for you to gather face to face and online! As we are all familiar with the old ways ‘of KCO. It is definitely excited to create new fun ways to engage! With videos, resources and packs for campers.

This Year we explore what is means to create your own place in the comfort of your own or in your church halls. How do we explore that concept? As we have been isolated for a whole year now, and life has changed or shifted for many, how would you create your own place, where Jesus would be there, as a guest? A friend and a Protector. What essentials would you need and why? How would you have food? Water? Air?  What rules would you live by? These discussions are answered by games, story sharing and creating new creations!

In the evening we encourage communities and congregations to have a Fun night! Wheather it be Talent night pre recorded where everyone can watch together on a zoom call or even host a Trivia night! Again, Being as creative as you want, and finishing the night off with a book.

On the Sunday where we would normally gather as a whole body out at Wedderburn for prayers and worship we encourage you to invite your congregation into the KCO Space.  Take photos and videos throughout the weekend, and we ask to let the Children help lead worship. Allow members of the congregation on the journey of the children’s’ weekend, hear about your KCO place and allow them to bless it, as Jesus would have blessed it as he entered and protects us.

Over Morning tea or Lunch, share and engage with family and older members of the church, in their own lives how would their place be? What we they choose to grow and have in their places? How would they invite Jesus?

More information & Registration Link to follow this week! Exciting times ahead!

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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