Parents – get some rest! WE NEED YOU!

As I write my articles on the numerous events that are going on with PULSE, and the wider church, I seriously had to stop for a second and pause.

Thinking about, all these upcoming events cannot happen without Parents and carer’s around us, lifting us up, inspiring us as see go though life. We are blessed to have you, in our lives!

What is rest?

Is it sleep? Holidays? Going out for coffee?

A new year brings new life and new challenges!

Yet, many parents are still going strong, through Covid, new change and everything that comes with that.

As I have the honour to meet with church leaders and leaders of young people ministries, many are parents. Many are full time workers both in the home and at work, many have done so much for others around them that they forget to church up on themselves and just ….pause…. I listened and am amazed of the love from parents and my heart is strengthened. I look around and think, “This is real life. We’re all in this together.” Let’s work together!

This is an awesome Article as a reminder for YOU PARENTS TO REST! AS GOD DID! There are seven ways in which the article tells us why is important to rest, not only for yourselves but for your children and everyone around you.

You are you: no one else is in your situation. Work out what makes things sustainable for you. Work out how to build rest into your life. And give glory to God—the God of rest.

As a new year comes around, find time to rest! Enjoy the simple things that make you pause and breathe! You are loved and important.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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