Serving Young Adults

How do we include them in ministry without pigeon-holing them?

Many churches have that most vital and mismanaged resources available to them and they’re not really sure how to properly use them. I’m talking about the YOUNG ADULT.

Aged roughly 18-30, these people are full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. They’re also full of ideas that some might find confronting and challenging.

Young adults have a broad range of experience, both professionally and personally. Some of them will have even travelled to a number of countries overseas (when they could – thanks for nothing COVID). Some lead teams of people locally; some lead teams across continents. Some manage budgets for organisations that number in the millions of dollars.

All too often we look to our young adults to solve the technical problems at church (because “they’re young and they’ll understand how to do it”). We force them into serving in technical roles where sometimes they love it, and sometimes they serve faithfully because others refuse to engage and learn about what’s required to keep our live-streamed or Zoom services running.

Today, I challenge you: ask your young adults how they would like to serve Jesus in your church and community, and open the doors so they can.

Encourage them to live out the full expression of their giftedness and offer it to God so that God’s entire kingdom can benefit. Be prepared for some new and uncomfortable ways to solve issues that you might solve differently, and be willing to guide them through the requirements in preparation for serving on and leading committees within your congregation or Presbytery.

Open a way for them to express their worship of Jesus that might be uncomfortable to you. It could include (a lot of) candles, lights, loud or soft sounds, liturgical responses or thumping music. Affirm them in their expression of worship and encourage them to be reminded worship is a lifestyle, not an appointment.

The best way you can serve your young adults is to love them and help them step into roles that will shape, direct, and lead us. Invest in them so that they get to experience what it means to be embraced into Christian community and valued for who they are…not how well they run powerpoint computer on Sunday mornings.

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Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and responsible for young adult ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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