Junior Leadership Initiative – YOULEAD JNR

How can we be YOUNG BIG LEADERS for Jesus in our Church?!


PULSE’s Junior Leadership Initiative (aka YouLEAD Jnr) is designed for high school students in their junior years and Primary School Kids in their Senior Years. The program is designed to give opportunities for students to develop leadership, communication and team building skills. As they develop and learn what is means to follow Jesus, how does that look like? Not only on Sundays, but everyday? How can help them grow spiritually as some find themselves in spaces of leadership?

Normally at our annual KIDS CAMP OUT, there was always set specific times where we concentrate on developing leadership skills for young leaders. It provides them with the opportunity to interact with others from other congregations and communities.  

With a specific time allocated on the Sunday morning of KCO the young leaders apply their training to lead the young kids and parents in their congregations and communities in an exercise and discussion. Basing it on the theme of the weekend, the young leaders are practically experiencing how to lead a wider group.

YouLEAD Jnr 2021

As COVID has changed our new normal, we aim to continue this training and discussion online. A few weeks before KCO2021 where young leaders may still participate in leading their communities. With help from some little helpers, we are ready to interact with games, videos and conversations of how we want to follow in the ways of Jesus.

Whether it be with games, prayer, activities or sharing time, YouLEAD Jnr hopes to continue to be a helpful tool in building up young leaders within our church. As young leaders continue to join this training we encourage churches and their leaders to allow them the space to lead and grow.

YouLEAD Jnr is designed to help start the conversation and help young leaders understand and hear what God is doing in their lives. Allow them to apply their own gift and talents in leading children and families within their communities.

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Joyce Tangi is the Field Officer (South), and responsible for Children’s/Family ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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