ENCOUNTER God at Retreat Yourself 2021 | #RY21

This January is your chance to gather in-person and online with a bunch of young adults looking to ENCOUNTER God.

We’re really excited about Retreat Yourself 2021!

We’re still working our way through the effects of the Coronavirus and how it affects how we gather. It’s tough, and it affects our changes to come together how we’d prefer. The PULSE team have been working with other leaders of young adults and chaplains to put together a hybrid opportunity for you to gather and take some time to retreat.

Starting Friday night 15 January at 6:30pm we’re hosting the first ever FRIDAY NIGHT COOK-OFF™, where we’ll all connect via Zoom and cook the same dish at the same time in our own kitchens. It’s gonna be a fun way to enjoy some food and make new friends and ENCOUNTER om nom nom.

Then on Saturday 16 January from 10am we’re providing a hybrid gathering opportunity that will see us connect and help us ENCOUNTER God in the many different places we live in. We’ll start with some Zoom-gathered worship and study, and then go into our communities together or alone to ENCOUNTER how God meets us and reveals God to us.

During this time we’ll be wanting to to capture a whole bunch of different images and video to share with each other on Insta (#RY21) so we can all celebrate the glorious diversity with which we ENCOUNTER God. Then we’ll gather together again on Zoom to check out some pics and have a closing reflection.

We appreciate it’s tough for people to come together, and you may want to take part individually. That’s totally OK! A number of churches will be bringing together a bunch of young adults in a gathering to participate in the entirety of Saturday together. If you’d like to join one feel free, though don’t feel like you have to. We’d just love you to be involved.

We’ve got confirmed gatherings at:

  • Canberra City UC
  • Epping UC
  • Kieraview UC
  • Leichhardt UC
  • Port Macquarie UC
  • Terrigal UC
  • Turramurra UC
  • Westmead/Leigh Fijian UC
  • Zoom/online – for those who can’t be at one of the gatherings!

(We’ll keep updating this list as more gatherings are confirmed.)

Please register today (it’s free, except for the cost of food for Friday night if you take part) – we’d love to have you join us for as much of #RY21 as you can!

Remember, you can keep in touch with PULSE by signing up for our monthly newsletter, or for further information contact our team via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Molk is the Senior Field Officer (North), and responsible for young adult ministry as a part of the PULSE team.

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